Prizes for the 2001 Ortvay Competition were offered by:

Eötvös Lóránd Fizikai Társulat  40 000 Ft
Márton Major                    30 000 Ft
Pro Physica Alapítvány           7 000 Ft for the contestant from Szeged
Tamás Serényi                    5 000 Ft for the best non-physicist

Abbreviations in the table:
1, 2, 3: the first, second and third prizes in each year.
(some were not dispensed in some years)
HM: Honourable mention
X N: special award for the outstanding solution of the Nth problem(s)
SZ: special award offered for the best contestant from Szeged
NP: special award for the best non-physicist           

1st prize was 12000 Ft, the second 8000 Ft, the third 4000,
the special award 2000 Ft
Bence Kocsis' 940 points is the best result in the 32-year history of the
Ortvay Competition!
YearAwardSpecial awardNAME countrycityuniversitymajoryearNumber of solutions recievedTotal pointsAverage of points
   TOTAL     166830750
11X 7POZSGAY BalázsHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics1st1088888,8
13NPPUFU, SilviuRomaniaPitesti" C.N. ""Ion C. Bratianu"""Secondary School11th1043543,5
13 BARTOS, ImreHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics1st539579
1HM NAGY ÁdámHungaryBudapest BMEEngineering & Physics1st529058
1  KOZAK, AndrewUkraineKievPTI NTUU KPIPhysics1st1023523,5
1  NAZARUK, Olexandr Ukraine KievKiev Politechnick Intitute(FTI) studentEngineering1st914516,1
1  NAGY TiborHungary Budapest ELTE TTKPhysics1st212562,5
1  BÉKY BenceHungaryBudapest Fazekas Mihály GimnáziumSecondary School12th49724,2
21X 4, 8GÁSPÁR Merse ElődHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics2nd1091091
22 HEGEDŰS Ákos Hungary Budapest ELTE TTKPhysics2nd866082,5
2  BURUZS ÁdámHungary Budapest BMEEngineering & Physics2nd942146,8
2  PATAY GergelyHungary Budapest BMEEngineering & Physics2nd823028,7
2  PALEO, Bruno WoltzenlogelBrazilPiracicabaSP Technological Institute of AeronauticsElectrical Engineering2nd916117,9
2  RYABININA, OlenaUkraineKiev"NTUU ""KPI"""Physics, Biology2nd1014514,5
2  RAGHUNATHAN, KannanIndian, but in USAEast LansingMichigan State UniversityPhysics2nd5459
2  KÖVESÁRKI PéterHungary Budapest BMEEngineering & Physics2nd24020
31 KOCSIS Bence Hungary Budapest ELTE TTKPhysics3rd1094094
3HM LUKÁCS ÁrpádHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics3rd631552,5
41X 21, 22, 23KORMOS MártonHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics4th872590,6
4HM SOMOGYI GáborHungaryDebrecenDTEPhysics4th844055
4  SARLÓS FerencHungarySzegedSZTEPhysics4th49523,7
4  BÁLINT ImreHungary Szeged ELTE TTKPhysics4th14040
5HMSZPUSZTAI Béla GáborHungarySzegedSZTEPhysicsPhD 2nd1054054
5  ZIMMER PéterHungaryBudapest ELTE TTKPhysics5th3206,7